Fjord-ocean demonstration tank

This is a large acrylic water tank I made for teaching and demonstration purposes. This is the brainchild of Prof. Mark Inall, and is primarily built to show the effect of tides  on a two-layer ocean-fjord system. Glueing the panels together turned out to be a surprisingly involved process as any flaw could precipitate a…

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Seaglider model

Robotic gliders are increasingly being used by oceanographers to investigate large-scale ocean properties. They have a novel buoyancy-driven propulsion system and have very low battery requirements so can remain at sea for months and cover great distances. In 2013, I constructed a glass-fibre model of a Seaglider for use in outreach and exhibitions, using funding…

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[Edit: now have a dedicated data visualisation page here.] I’m currently learning ‘Paraview’, an open-source visualisation package for complex scientific data.  Ultimately this should allow some nicely rendered visualisations in true 3D.  I’m still at the early stages of learning this software and just getting data into it is quite an acheivement!  I’ll stick some…

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Old articles and blog posts

Hi-tech rubber ducks: drifters, gliders and Argo Contributed to the SAMS postgrad blog on July 6, 2012 Things are tense on board Discovery. Suddenly everyone finds a reason to be on deck to witness our 4,000 ton ship maneuver with infinite care towards the ocean glider, now lifeless and floating on the surface. It looks…

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