Some initial experiments working with spherical coordinates which allow you to depict a sphere rather than flattened bathymetry. So far, I’ve managed to get GEBCO bathymetry into Paraview, and warped the surface using the elevation data.

Here, the land is warped using true elevation but for the ocean I’ve added a 50x exaggeration so the basins are easily seen in 3D.  Colour map is a simple blue-white-brown, which I skewed in favour of the blues to give more subtlety to the ocean depths.  I also added whites for the higher land elevations which sometimes approximates regions which would be snow-capped (though this falls down near the equator).

The GEBCO 1 minute dataset is quite large, and utilising this for the whole globe would probably push my laptop over the edge.  I therefore wrote a little Matlab script to subsample most of the globe at a lower resolution, and only keep hi-res data for a region of interest (here the North Atlantic).