Winning video and overall competition winning entry – ARCHeR

My animation of FVCOM model output won the 2017 ARCHeR image and video competition.  ARCHeR is the largest Cray supercomputer in the UK, and its supercomputing service was used by Dr Dmitry  Aleynik (SAMS) to run a series of simulations of waters off the west coast of Scotland.  I used the output of these model runs to create the animation using Paraview.


Link to the ARCHeR competition gallery here.

Learn more about my work on data visualisation here.


1 Aleynik, D. Davidson, K., Dale A. C., Porter, M. (2016) A high resolution hydrodynamic model system suitable for novel harmful algal bloom modelling in areas of complex coastline and topography. Harmful Algae, 53(3):102–117, 10.1016/j.hal.2015.11.012


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